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Men’s Accessory And Bracelet Trends For 2022

Partially because of the stigma that was associated with man jewelry in the past century, the trends in the field do not change too often… which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check whether your old chain link necklace is still a good idea once in a while. Since men’s jewelry & accessories have been gaining more and more popularity in the past twenty years, let’s see...



murtoo mens bracelet

Why Accessories Make Men Look More Attractive

Try searching the topic on Google, and you’ll see that for the past twenty years, men’s fashion has mostly been about clothing. Stylish shirts, tube pants, cool shoes – that kind of stuff. What the average person tends to forget these days is that accessorizing is just as important for men as it is for women. While the outfit itself is the most important part...

fashion bracelet for men

Trendy Fashion Accessories For Men

If you’ve ever given men’s style magazines a try, the chances are high you’re interested in enhancing your style with trendy wrist accessories. Given that some of the most stylish guys you’ve seen do it all the time, why wouldn’t you? Here at Murtoo we love helping people look good, so let us save you from making common mistakes of ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’....

leather bracelet for men

Why Choose Leather Bracelets For Men?

Our leather bracelets are our most popular wristwear option and the easiest style to pull off. If you’re looking for a low-key way to prove you have a knack for fashionable flair, slip on one (or several) or our braided leather cords. Although it sounds strange, before bracelets were an up-and-coming trend for men, they were actually a very popular trend for men—dating way back....

beaded bracelet

Why Choose Beaded / Stone Bracelets?

Inspired by prayer beads and power bracelets, our mens designer beaded bracelets are strung with spherical stones in singular hue and two-tone coloring. With the rising popularity of healing crystals, our bracelets made with lava rock and tiger’s eye are just what your wardrobe and spirit need. Male or female—who wouldn’t want to wear something with positive abilities? The minimalist design adds some panache and...

metal bracelete

Why Choose Metal Bracelets?

Strong and sturdy, mens stainless steel bracelets add edge and toughness, making them a cool way to amp up looks. Although you might not think of wearing a bracelet, you probably have a go-to metal link watch you wear regularly or even a gold wedding band you don daily. Why not stand apart with an accent many men aren’t bold enough or confident enough wear? On...


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