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We are “Murtoo” and we’re a fashion accessories brand that wants to give a new flavor to your style. We feature great quality bracelets for men and a range of lovely accessories for women like Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and Brooches. We offer a diverse portfolio of options, inspired by the latest fashions and continuously perfected. Our innovative designs along with our passion for creating the next defining accessory, for you and for your loved ones. Because the best things in life are best enjoyed together with the people you love, you can choose one of our amazing items and surprise someone important in your life, with a smile and a lovely gift.

One’s personal style is not built by following the crowd, but by infusing your own individuality in the current fashion trends. Or the classic ones. Or a combination of both, or whatever expresses better your unique temperament and creative spirit. Building a personal fashion style is about the attention to details, the accessories, the features and the enhancements.

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“Murtoo” was founded in 2009 and since then we’ve been in a constant pursuit to only create the most eye-catching accessories, using only the best materials.

Our products are currently available to order in areas such as Europe, North America and Japan, with plans to add more in the future.

We mainly use stainless steel, natural stone, 925 silver and cowhide raw of the highest quality as our materials.
We believe in the genuine feel of real materials and we want you to experience the best. We’re not going only for the style and the beauty, but for how it feels when you wear our creations and the emotions they evoke to you and to the people around you.
We want to inspire people to enjoy life and always feel good about who they are and about how they look. Express your unique personality through carefully crafted accessories and show your beauty and style to the world.
We want to help people from all over the world, discover their inner creativity and express it through carefully chosen accessories. We want to empower them and enhance their fashion senses with high-quality options that are bound to complete their personal style and impress the right people in the right occasions.
Our designs are simple yet unique and bound to catch the eye of every looker. We make fashion accessories for the free spirits, the creatives, the ones who tackle life’s challenges everyday and keep going with a smile on their face.

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